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Thank you for contacting the special education department, we will get back to you within 24 hours

Our Team

Director of Student Services

Cynthia VanAvery


Student Services Coordinator

Russell Peters

401-233-1100 Ext 3722

401-233-1100 ext. 3722





Administrative Assistant to the Director of Student Services

Denise DeCesare 401-233-1100 ext. 3722

Student Services Clerk: Linda Potvin     401-233-1100 ext. 3715

Early Childhood Programs: David Radcliff 401-233-1100 ext. 3718



Student Services Department Chair

North Providence High School - Maria Marasco 401-233-1150 ext. 3407

Elementary Special Education Coordinator

                                                          Bianca Murray 401-233-1100 



Elementary Special Education Coordinator

                                                          Cristina Brothers 401-233-1100 


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